How To Be Treasured

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How To Be Treasured

Decisions, decisions. We make so many decisions, often without really thinking about them. Most of us can probably think back on a decision we made that, in retrospect, was not the best one we ever made. We might even say, “Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time!” 

Our “aha” for this week comes from Exodus 19:4-5. God told Moses to tell the Israelites who were journeying from Egypt to the land God promised, “Now if you obey me fully and keep my covenant, then out of all nations you will be my treasured possession.” 

Who wouldn’t want to be God’s treasured possession? It was sort of a “no brainer” decision which they readily agreed to, perhaps without thinking about the consequences. It’s the second (if) and sixth (fully) words that repeatedly presented a problem for them. Over and over there were consequences for deciding to do things their way, for doing things outside of God’s covenant, allowing themselves to lose God’s favor for a time.

The good news is even though they failed over and over, God still loved them enough to give them another chance. When they left behind what was not pleasing to God and did what they knew God said was okay, they once again saw God’s favor. God’s favor didn’t mean they wouldn’t face difficulties. It meant God would be present in ways He otherwise might not. 

Let’s ponder that for a moment. If we desire to live our best lives possible amid all the tragedies, losses, and unforeseen problems, God’s desire is for us to walk whatever journey we face following Him—keeping our eyes focused on Him, rather than the difficulty. Seems simple, doesn’t it? Some days it is. Other days, in our weakness, we make poor decisions, decisions God has shown us are not good. Still, God is God. His greatest desire is for us to be in fellowship with Him, thus His mercy and forgiveness are always present. 

Tragedies and loss are a part of life. Knowing we can be treasured by God and His greatest desire is to be with us in all our circumstances, can change how we walk our difficult journeys. As we learn from the Israelites, keeping our eyes on the goodness of God truly makes a difference each and every day.

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