Do We Think like Jacob?

Jacob is an interesting combination of smart, patient, strong-willed, cunning, deceiving, type of unbelieving hero. Somewhere in that line up we may find ourselves.  In Genesis 28 we find Jacob (after he cheated his brother Esau twice (first with stew and then with animal fur-great stories!), somewhere at night sleeping, using a rock for a…
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Gods Grief

Hey all (I learned saying this when we lived in the South, but it was ya’ll), I am going to focus my blogs on “aha” moments as I am reading the scriptures. Many of you know I begin each year with a new reading plan. Last year and this year I am reading straight through…
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Joy in Ninevah

A while back, my husband and I went to see a live production of Jonah. As I watched the play and later pondered the scripture, I asked myself, “Is there anything good about Nineveh?” Nineveh was a large Assyrian city (late 7th century B.C.E.) whose people were ruthless, lawless, and lived in disobedience to God’s…
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