Trouble! How can we win?


Trouble! How can we win?

Have you ever gotten someone in trouble? Maybe it wasn’t intentional. Maybe it was. For whatever reason it came about, it resulted in punishment for the person. What did you feel at the time? Justified or remorseful? This week we continue our Lenten journey through Exodus. Last week we looked at a profound question the Pharoah asked (see last week’s blog). Today’s “aha” almost shouts at us the questions, “Why? Why did you make my life more difficult? Why didn’t you mind your own business? Who do you think you are, speaking for me/us?” (Exodus 5-6)

When I was much younger, I got my brother in trouble. It wasn’t a big thing, but I knew my mother would bring him inside and I could play without my brother picking on me. That’s right. I tattled on him for picking on me. As I suspected, he suffered my mother’s discipline, but it was much harsher than I anticipated. He missed out on a special event and spent the remainder of the afternoon very sad as he sat on his bed where he had been sent to think about what he did. I don’t know who suffered more; my brother, my mother for having to take away something my brother looked forward to, or me-the one who kind of just wanted to get her brother in trouble. Sometimes our actions backfire, don’t they?

Let’s return to our journey in Exodus. Moses and Aaron went to the Pharoah (after God told them to do so) and told Pharoah God said to let His people go. Like many of us, the Pharoah didn’t like being told what to do.  Consequently, he adamantly refused. In fact, just to show who was boss, he made things more difficult for God’s people. Because Moses did what was right in God’s sight, the Israelites suffered the consequences, and they were not happy. Because Pharoah did what was wrong, Egypt soon experienced ten plagues, the Egyptians were not happy with Pharoah. Sometimes you just can’t win.

Or can you? Did you “win” when you got someone in trouble, especially if it was for a selfish reason? I can tell you I went and begged my mom to allow my brother to attend the special event. It didn’t work. To this day when I think about it, I feel bad for the pain I caused my brother. Imagine Moses doing what was right in the eyes of God and receiving anger from those around him in return. Think about Pharaoh not listening to God and not only being the cause of disasters, but losing his son because of his prideful actions. Who won?

There’s no doubt about it, God won! Four hundred and thirty years of captivity were left behind in Egypt because Moses remained faithful even amid the most trying of times.

Where does this leave us? What else does this passage shout? What’s the “aha” for us? Romans 8:31 makes it clear. “If God is for us, who can successfully be against us” (Amplified)? We may face trouble. We may cause trouble. But God’s love for those who put their trust in Him means we never face troubling circumstances alone. God is working on our behalf!

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