To Be So Bold!

God I need you

To Be So Bold!

Wow! There are times Moses makes me wonder what was going through his mind. From the scriptures in Exodus, we know Moses was tasked with a big job, but then so are we.

  • Moses was to bring the chosen people of God to the land God had promised. 
  • We are to bring all people to God. 

In many ways both are daunting tasks. But Moses had the right idea. He told, yes told God, if He God himself wasn’t going to go with Him (and God’s people), not to bother sending them anywhere. God’s presence meant everything to Moses. Everything. Without it, Moses realized the journey was futile. 

As I pondered the boldness of Moses’ statement, I realized boldness with God isn’t something we are taught. Yes, we may cry out to God, give Him our desires, or even get angry with Him thinking He doesn’t hear our prayers. But to be so bold as to tell God, “It’s either my way or just don’t bother,” puts an entirely new perspective on God’s love for us. 

God’s love? Yes, God’s love. Moses was bold. God was compassionate. Moses asked God for guidance. God said, “I will be with you.” It all boiled down to their relationship. Moses knew God and God knew Moses. Their relationship ran deep. Very deep. That is what God wants from each of us. 

Our “aha” focuses on the question, why was Moses so bold? 

Moses wanted the other nations to know who his God was. Moses’ yearned for everyone else to know his God was the true God and was with those he was called to lead. He knew with God by his side, others would know what he knew.

What great thoughts to ponder as we walk in our faith journey this week!  First, what do we want people to know about God and second, do we seek God’s presence so others will know beyond a doubt what God has done in us and for us? 

Struggles, pain, loneliness, loss, and life changing events may come against us. But, like Moses, may we seek that deep relationship with God for His purpose.  As the song lyrics say, “Our God is an Awesome God!”

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