Just Milk?


Just Milk?

My one grandson really enjoys meat. Steak is his favorite. I think bacon runs a close second but if it is meat, he is all in. It may be just that he is a teenager and likes food in general, but there is something about his liking meat that captures my attention. When he visits, and it gets close to mealtime, he will almost always ask, “What are we having for dinner, Grandma?” When he knows it is meat with accompaniments rather than a casserole, he is one extra happy grandson! His discovery is usually accompanied with an arm gesture signifying his joy and a joyful “yes!”

Pondering his desire for real, pure meat, I began to think about the Apostle Paul. He said that we are all to desire meat – meat of a different kind, that is. Paul realized that many believers were satisfied with barely understanding scripture rather than truly digging into it and devouring it with their whole heart.

He likened them to desiring milk. The advertising logo, “Got milk?” was popular several years ago. Paul would have been disenchanted because he wanted people to desire meat…the meat of scripture and loving how Jesus loved. His claim was babies crave milk but as we get older, we need more than milk to sustain us. 

If we think about it, when babies are born, they really do crave milk (or formula). If they don’t get enough, they let us know! They continue to desire milk for several years, but by the time they become teenagers, many leave that craving behind and substitute other drinks. By the time we are adults, many of us don’t even think about having a glass of milk to refresh and/or sustain us.  That’s exactly what Paul was saying in scripture. We need more than milk to survive physically and spiritually.

Think about the enjoyment you receive from a satisfying meal that has nourished your body. That’s exactly what the scriptures, prayer, and quiet time with God provides—nourishment for our souls. When we prioritize focusing on the “meat” of our spiritual lives, we find it is so much easier to hear God’s still small voice guiding us, bringing us joy, and filling our lives with purpose.

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